Penny Adamopoulos, FCMA, is Holistic Coach & Mentor, Medical Astrologer, Vibrational Medicine Founder, Journalist & Creative Producer.

She is the Founder of Syn-Demiurgia, which means Co-Creation in Greek. It is an innovation that brings together her personal experience through her awakening journey of consciousness, having as co-creator the eternal life force, the universe.

She is an awaken blue ray starseed twinflame (consciousness awakening) holding the threefold flame and transmits the blue flame vibration.

Through her social appearances in various professional circles of doctors, therapists, artists & instructors, she showed that you can be healed mentally, physically and spiritually with the power of the will of the soul and self-knowledge. Her catalytic presence awakens the audience and inspires everyone to discover themselves and to be united within through sacred marriage.

A shocking event brought her face to face with depression, experiencing poverty, misery and lack of love and life, causing her to become mentally, physically and spiritually isolated for a long time. Faced with her shadow, she was led to the awakening of kundalini within her, realizing her Existence as a multidimensional being, where she changed her life and revealed her psychic abilities.

Successful Journalist & Producer of Television and Cinema, with many years of experience in radio and television media & studios in the United States of America (ABC, CBS, PBS, NBC, CNN, Deluxe, DreamWorks), but also in Europe in the National Greek Radio and Television Broadcast (E.R.T.) and in various international film productions. As a student at AKTO College (Middlesex University of London) in the field of Interior Architecture and Graphic Design, she worked for the Hellenic Tourism Organization in Athens and New York. She was in the award-winning group of designers who decorated the Municipality of Athens during the Metro construction.

Being a free spirit, she continued her journey. She returned to her hometown in New York, where she continued her studies, in the field of International Relations & Communication at New York University. She worked as a press attaché at the United Nations for the Permanent Mission of Greece and the Hellenic Cultural Foundation in New York. As a young producer she has been nominated for an EMMY award for the documentary "TSUNAMI 2005" as well as for various international productions. An active member of many international organizations such as the International Women Media Foundation where Penny has raised funds for young girls scholarship in Africa. She is also a member of the Women in Film, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), and the European Broadcasting Company.

She has volunteered for animal rescue efforts as well as other international volunteering efforts to save the planet and to raise funds for specific causes such as the Summer Special Olympics in Los Angeles in 2015.

Her passion for love, truth, philosophy & metaphysics (quantum mechanics) pushed her to intensively study the self-knowledge, the self-healing and the awakening of the ancient knowledge of various cultures such as the Atlanteans, Lemurians, Ancient Greeks, Shamans and Druids. She has trained and she has received initiation by Q’ero Inca Shamans and Esoterical Astrologers (Pythagorean philosophy), Pranic Healers and Yogis, abroad, where she has reached through intensive meditation and through self-teaching her Existence as a whole being and her power to self-healing.

In order to pass on this self-discovery knowledge to the public for their own healing and self-discovery, she has attended and has specialized in the anatomy, physiology & pathology of the human body, in esoterical medical astrology in combination with astrobiochemistry, herbal medicine and crystal therapy and she holds certificates from the Institute for Inner Studies in U.S.A., from the International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC), the Continuing Professional Development Certification Service (CPD), the ABC Awards, the Complimentary Medical Association and the COE in UK.

She has discovered and has formulated a series of vibrational healing products to support the public in times of emotional demand.