"Anything excessive is contrary to nature." (Hippocrates, 460 BC - 370 BC)

An allergy is an overly inflammatory reaction of the body to a substance, whether it is pollen, certain foods, animals or certain chemicals.

Allergies not only cause unpleasant symptoms, they also reveal immune system problems. To recover from allergies and prevent them from coming back, it is important to address the underlying causes of the immune system.

In my practice as an energy therapist & holistic coach, I have seen results using the holistic treatment approach, which is the healing precious crystals in combination with herbs.

Energy elixirs from crystals and herbs can suppress allergy symptoms by taking care of its deeper causes without causing side effects.

Carnelian in combination with Petasites: Revitalizes the immune system and helps detoxify the body. Specifically helps with asthma attacks, migraines or headaches, lethargy usually caused by seasonal allergies.

Emerald in combination with "Cat's Claw" (Uncaria): offers energy care and deep healing as it rejuvenates the heart especially during the outbreak of allergy, relieving any respiratory symptoms.

Snowflake Quartz in combination with the well-known Nettle (Urtica): Refreshes, balances and calms the body, during allergies. It offers coolness to the body as it absorbs the heat of inflammation.

The combination of all three offers excellent results in the treatment of allergies.