BEHIND THE SCENES – The making of The Cycle of Creation

Spiritual Awakening through storytelling. This is my latest project. I have created everything on this short #healingfilm.
Here is the story behind the scenes:
One day, I was meditating and I have experienced the circle of how the consciousness started to create matter. I felt it so strong within me that when I came down to earth in my body I wrote the script on this movie. Few days later, Spirit pushed me to mediate on Selenite, Sodalite and Clear Quartz. After meditation I went and bought gold, silver and brass. Then I created the “7 Miracles” orgonites, where I have them available for my clients through my website. It is great for them to bring balance, harmony love and light. Few months later, I have them stored in homeopathic pharmacy in Greece. After that, I took pictures of them for a project to help children in need to create their own story of creation and also help them stay grounded in balance.
Recently, Spirit pushed gain to create this film for you to enjoy as it transmits high vibrational rays from the Source.
If we become no one then the UNIVERSE becomes you.