FULL MOON IN PISCES – Release the past, embrace the new

Today the Sun is in 28o Virgo, in the zodiac sign of the Cosmic Mother, the Virgin (Purity - Isis - Mother Mary - Shakti). It is also the “anti-key” (dark portal)of Venus, which means the lower aspects of Venus, the lower aspect of our feminine ego self. The Moon is in 28o Pisces, in the zodiac sign of the God Self (Spirit), in the “key” (light portal) of Venus, the higher octave of our feminine power within all of us. Preferred crystals: Yellow / Blue Calcite & Herkimer Diamond.
How to use this great universal energy of the full moon:
Meditate on your heart and bring out all the lower aspects of your ego being hold deep down in your sacral chakra (lower density feelings). Acknowledging those feelings by affirmative words “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and I thank you”. Be aware of the energy which is moving within your body. Visualize the cleansing energy within you. Feel the nurturing energy with you which comes from the solar plexus (Sun in Virgo) and affirm to your Self Ego to surrender to your Heart / Divine Love / Cosmic Mother. You are a H(armory) U(niverse) MAN being.
Release the past, embrace the future by being in the NOW, no matter the gender you have chosen to be in the physical. This is the time where the Feminine Energy is giving birth to the true Masculine Energy within. It is an alchemical process.