"The best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself."

(Walter Watts)

Most people create their lives unconsciously or semi-consciously, on autopilot.

They react to events instead of creating a conscious direction, unaware of the many ways in which everything is connected to the whole, and so their lives easily get out of control.

A holistic - spiritual coach is a person who is on the road to creating a mentally magical, balanced and satisfying life, and works with others who want to do the same. It takes pleasure in the uniqueness of customers, listens carefully to help them explore their greatest joy and excitement, and motivates them to make their dreams come true. This is spirituality in its highest expression.

As a journalist, I always researched the truth and applied the method of Socrates' obstetrics in order to find out the truth. After waking up and walking on the path of self-knowledge, I realized that I was being trained by my higher self in order to offer the holistic approach to life in the world.

The truth of the soul is the healing of the soul and the springboard of the life you dream of. Each 60-minute conference leads you to the path of your soul where you alone can heal and create whatever you want.

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