“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology, has no right to call himself a physician.”


The influence of the stars and the planets in the healing arts has been recorded in ancient texts which are over 3,000 years old.

The study of celestial bodies was in ancient times and even today a necessary part of medicine, as it is a divine science that embraces every aspect of life, both human and cosmic. In the universe there is divine order, harmony and beauty.

Astrology reveals this divine order to those who seek it without prejudice. Man is a microcosm of the macrocosm, so by studying the universe we come to discover ourselves and vice versa.

The same laws that apply to the universe apply to the functions of the human body.

The association of the zodiac signs with the various parts of the body has long been considered an essential factor for health. Great doctors, botanists and astrologers of previous centuries in the history of mankind, have left us an important legacy to improve our health.

The relationship of the planets between the twelve biochemical or cellular salts, the herbs, and the twelve signs, is the basis for achieving good physical, emotional and mental health with the help of nature.


Uraniangraph of the soul

The Great Mystics and Healers called our astrological chart, the uraniangraph of the soul, which is known as destiny.

The uraniangraph is the psychotherapy as we all know today, with the difference that it describes all the information that exists in our consciousness which is conscious-subconscious -unconscious mind, while modern psychotherapy today focuses only on our personality.

It is the plan of ourselves (original blueprint), which as consciousness we chose to be shaped in space-time to evolve through the experiences of life that we decided to experience.

It benefits us to recognize our talents and weaknesses that we need to heal in order to evolve mentally, spiritually and physically.

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Astrobiospectrological map

The astrobiospectrological map is the medical map of ourselves and is the guide for improving our health mentally, physically and spiritually.

We focus mainly on our pain-body or emotional body, in combination with the idiosyncratic type which shows us the needs of our body in order to be balanced and have a natural cure.

The healing is accompanied by the remedy of naturopathic and bio-salts remedies.


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